"What/Who Is Your Comfort Zone?"

My son has been watching these crazy YouTube videos. I accidentally set his YouTube kids account to 5 years and older. My son is 3. We'd been noticing his behavior changes after watching videos of scary monsters hiding in closets, or "'the Grinch Master" making his way to the homes of young children. At first I didn't realize what he had consumed on his iPad on days where i just needed to get some "work done". I'd been neglecting his content consumption. He has begun to live in fear by adopting the idea that these scary images and characters will one day soon visit him at his own house. He now hates the idea of being alone. He doesn't want to leave my side. He clings to my body every time I am around him. When he feels me getting out of the bed at night, he quickly wakes up and clings to me. After noticing this behavior I took specific measures. I immediately went into prayer and blocked every monster demon character from his iPad. I changed the settings on his YouTube account and now he doesn't have access to what he was consuming. After making these changes, he looks at his iPad in confusion. He is starting to notice the changes in video content and has been constantly asking to watch what he was use to watching. This experience has taught me something and has raised a question to not only myself but to us as well.

What or who is our comfort zone? Who and what are we going to for comfort? What is good comfort? What is bad comfort? How long have we been in this comfort zone? And what has it done to us in the process of dwelling there? My son knew that he could come to his mother for comfort when he is scared. Are we going to our Father when we feel scared about some things? My son knew that everyday he could watch what he wanted to and accept the fact that he might get scared while doing so. But he also knew that whatever he watched or whatever feeling he came across, he could come to his mom for comfort. When he lays in my lap and clutches me with his hugs, he knows that he will feel better afterwards.

I have been fighting with doubt and fear these last few weeks. And i also have not been going to God about it like I should. Don't ever think that we as children of God are perfect. Sometimes we get so into our feelings that our feelings become our reality. I haven't been in my bible as much as I should and I hadn't been going to the Father with these fears and doubts. Yesterday, I've had enough! I prayed to the Father and I asked him to comfort me. He immediately gave me what I needed in that moment and he shielded me from myself. My own mind and thoughts my own fears. We know that God does not give us a spirit of fear so I knew I was under attack by the enemy. The weight on the shoulders of God's people is as real and as heavy as the weight of non believers. We go through some of the same things but the difference between us both, is our comfort zones.

Since we are not of this world, we know that our comfort zone lies within the word of God. Our bibles, our scriptures, our journal time. Being in God's presence. That's our comfort zone. Whatever we have been going to have not been working. It may be what is suppressing our emotions and not allowing us to bring those feelings to you. Show us the areas of our lives where we aren't trusting you. Reveal to us the hidden emotions and motives of our hearts. Protect our minds and spirits from evil. Help us to come before you God with EVERYTHING! Nothing is hidden in the eyes of God. Even when we don't bring it to Him. But when we do, we humble ourselves and show God that we can trust Him.

Evaluate your comfort zones. What are you going to? What are you doing to yourself and others when things get rough? Help us to allow you to be our comfort zone. IN JESUS NAME!