"The Pressure"

I just watched a sermon by Pastor Mike McClure Jr titled "Help Me with the Pressure" which is part five of his "Pressure" series. In this series he talks about the different types of pressures that people are facing these days. God has us in a season of relying on him the most. He explains how when things are beginning to weigh in on us, we have certain reactions to deal with the pressure. Some of us flee. We run from it. Some of us stress out about it due to a lack of preparation. Some of us also step out of the will of God due to the PRESSURE. A lot of us may find ourselves under numerous pressures. The pressure to become, the pressure to survive, the pressure to believe and trust God. I myself find that I am under a new pressure to complete the assignments God has for me. I am also under pressure when it comes to my spiritual gifts. God has deemed us many different tasks but it seems like way too often we fail at dealing with this new way of being.

The sermon goes on to preach and explains that pressure will make you go back to where you are comfortable. How many times have we done that? How many times have we ended up in bad relationships because it was "comfortable"? How many times have we went back to a familiar job or a familiar space because it was "comfortable". I remember getting my first apartment. It wasn't much but it was just for me. I had just gotten a new job at a call center and I was in a new relationship. I thought I had everything under control until the pressure to upkeep started coming in. I was out of my parents house and on my own unable to rely on them to take care of me anymore. That's pressure. My boyfriend and I found ourselves going down a dark path of toxicity and strain in the middle of finding ourselves in this cold world. That's pressure. I also wasn't focusing on my job and my responsibilities due to the relationship and stress of it all. That's more pressure! But what does God have to say about the pressures we cause on ourselves?

When God wants to grow you up, it gets very uncomfortable. Sometimes your inability to handle pressure is causing you not to discern what God is instructing you to do. I realize that most of the pressure I was under was caused by my inability to discern the season I was in. The pressure to grow and sustain. The pressure to endure. Of course I didn't think that what I was going through was shaping me in the end but when you are going through it, you just have to do that. Go through it! There is a saying "In order to get through it, you have to grow through it".

There are times when the pressures become so heavy on us that we start trippin. We start forgetting all that God has graced us with. We start using our natural minds and neglect our spirit. We don't trust God to fix our problems because we are so determined to relieve the pressure. But what if God doesn't want the pressure to be relieved? Maybe he just wants to stretch you and mold you and guide you into the place he wants you to be. What if there is always going to be pay in the struggle? What if pressure is inevitable? Then what do you do?

Get rid of shaky people. Get rid of your carnal thinking. Get out of your flesh. Find a group of people that can help you navigate through this season. When you lean on someone who God does not have his hand on, you might find yourself facing more pressure. Ask God to prepare you for the pressure. Ask him to give you strength where you lack. Pressure doesn't have to break you. Its designed to make you stronger! God will allow you to go through things to expand your mind and understanding. When we lack what God intends to use for his glory, we feel responsible for that. Which we are NOT! What pressures are you going through that you may have caused yourself? What pressures does God have you under? What pressures do you feel you are unqualified or unequipped for? What are some ways that you can start looking at pressure as preparation? The pressure is hard but the process always gets you to the place God wants you to be.