“Pursuing Purpose”

Everyone in the bible that God led to do great things never did what they initially set out to do. God used different people to fulfill HIS PURPOSE. Philippians 2:13. He chose different people to do what he needed them to do. He needed them to fulfill their destiny but it never starts off with the same intention. Moses was born to a woman who sacrificed her motherhood in order to save him from being killed. He was then led to a family who would later become his enemies. Why would God go through so much trouble to get Moses to the place he needed him to be? I don’t think Moses woke up one day expecting to be used by God. I bet he didn’t expect to go through such a hard journey to fulfill this purpose that God gave him.

I bet he had a lot of questions too. Why me? Why not someone else? What’s so special about me? Moses probably thought he was going to have a perfect life living in the palace doing whatever he wanted to do with no real responsibilities. But of course, that was a plan he created for himself. I wonder if Moses had dreams and aspirations of his own that he never got to fulfill. Like many of us, he probably did. But what happens when God interrupts your plans and tells you to pursue his plans for your life. God’s plan was for Moses to lead the people of Egypt out of slavery and into freedom. Who would've picked that to be their job?

God uses us for his Glory. Not for our own. Our plans and our purpose never go hand in hand. They never match up to our expectations. God’s purpose for your life is to give you hope and a future. Plans to prosper you. But are you willing to give up your plans for his plan? Is your plan better than the one who created you? Let’s find out how we can properly pursue purpose and find out what God has for us.