“Kingdom Work”

There are many things that interested me about the story of Noah. Noah was sent on an assignment that did not make sense. He understood the assignment, he was given instruction, he prepared for it, but the process or purpose never made sense. He never rushed to complete the assignment. He was very focused and steadfast. Noah didn’t ask any questions according to his inabilities. You know why? God equipped him to fulfill the assignment. Noah had never built a boat of this magnitude before. Of course he didn’t have all the skills and knowledge to do so. That’s when God steps in and equips us for the job. Stop thinking you need everything to get started with what he told you to do.

Noah built an arch. God is calling us to build businesses, legacies, foundations for our children, milestones, etc. Your work may not be involved in the business industry but whatever your work is, know that it is to build the kingdom of God. Who can be saved by your obedience? Who can be changed with a word from you? Who can be touched by the grace given to you by God? God gives us strategy and insight. He gave Noah skills to build the arch. He gives us the same strategy and skills to complete what he is calling us to build. But you have to put in the work. Seek him and ask God what am I required to build in this season? What am I required to complete in this season?

What can we learn from Noah? What attributes and heart checks can we perform on ourselves to determine what we are lacking in the process of completing our assignments? A flood was coming in 40 days but the boat wasn’t built yet. It was in progress. No matter how much pressure comes your way, continue to do it at God’s speed. At God’s provisioned timing. The naysayers will offer you courses to become something or obtain something in 90 days. What if God needs you to work beyond that allotted time frame?