“I Thought I Was In Control”

Isn't it funny how we feel like we are in so much control of our lives? Isn't it somewhat foolish to think that God is NOT in control of our lives? Look around! We are still in a quarantine and we have no control whatsoever of our lives or our situations. God has literally stripped us from that way of thinking. I bet I'd never think like that again. Before, we would go where we wanted, do whatever we wanted, have sex with who we wanted, etc. Now our ways of thinking have changed. Now, we think before we act. Maybe I shouldn't call this boy and try to get some quarantine booty. He might give me something. Maybe I shouldn't go to the store "right quick" everyday leaving my mask at the last place I saw it. We are now being cautious of our actions. We aren't living carelessly anymore. God is teaching us that we are NOT in control. Although he gives us free will to make our own choices, he also warns us about doing wrong. It is better to choose to do right then it is to choose to do wrong.

God gives us this wisdom in Proverbs 2. He gives us a list of situations that wisdom will save us from. Haven't you've learned in this time to seek God for his wisdom and instructions? We must understand that trying to be in control of everything is not the way of God. We can't figure everything out. That is a burden too much to bear. We stress ourselves out trying to be in control of everything and everyone. Leave it to HIM! That's what he wants us to do. Learn how to surrender your ways and allow him to lead you where he wants you to go. Proverbs 3:5-6. Allow him to open up your heart and fill you with the things he wants to fill you with.

What are you trying to be in control of? How has that been going sis?