“I’m Alone”

What do you do in your alone time? No like seriously, the moment you finally get a minute to yourself what do you do? Something to let the edge off? Something to distract you from the world or cause a temporary escape? Do you find yourself watching things that you know you shouldn't watch? Are you pleasing yourself? A lot of things that we do in our alone time reflects how we feel about ourselves and our situations. I feel alone and bored so I sometimes text guys who I know are in other relationships. I've always been in a relationship but now that I'm single and alone I now struggle to spend time with myself. What are you doing in your alone time?

For the longest time I couldn't be alone. I hated the thoughts in my head. I couldn't stand to not have anyone to text or entertain me. I was distracted by my wants and needs. Sometimes I would do things that I know I shouldn't do. I'd smoke weed. I'd have sex...A LOT! And I would ignore my feelings and try to suppress them. A lot of times we are dealing with pain and we find ways to try and mend it. However you've been mending the pain, I've come to tell you that your alone time is where God does the MOST healing. You aren't truly alone when you invite God into your space. Feeling lonely and being alone is two different things. Our alone time should be filled with seeking God's word and HIS peace. Not our understanding of peace. We should be seeking his instruction for our businesses. We should be seeking his wisdom for how to handle these bad a** kids LOL

This time of quarantine is the perfect time to analyze our thoughts and emotions. What am I doing when I feel sad? What do I watch to make me feel better? What am I filling my mind and time with? This alone time is a blessing. God needed you to slow down and have this time with him. He wants you to see what you are doing that may be causing damage to yourself. He wants to shift your focus. Stop allowing the enemy or social media or others' opinions to deter you away from what he has called you to do. Get centered in his word. Get rid of everything that keeps you stagnant in your walk with God. Ask him to reveal what has had your attention and ask him to remove it. Get the praying sis!