“Embracing The New”

People love to hold us to the person we once were. They love to bring up the past and shove it in our faces. Especially at a time when we find ourselves growing and maturing the most. Some may call them haters but I call them blind to. People are so used to being stuck in their own ways that they don't realize that change is inevitable. You can't go through life and expect to stay the same. When you are pursuing God, he automatically changes you. You have no choice but to become a new person. Romans 12:2. Your mind will be renewed. You no longer think the same. You no longer want to sit around and gossip with your associates. You no longer want to do the harmful things you've once done to yourself. You no longer want to pain and hurt others with your bitterness. God changes that! All you have to do is allow him into your heart so he can do his work.

When you need your car fixed or an appliance in your home fixed, you call the repairman. You trust him enough to fix what he needs to fix right? Same with God. Trust him to heal you. Trust him to change your language. Trust him to change your path and guide you into new territory. No matter how SCARY it may be. I once believed that I didn't need to change. I'd become so comfortable being angry and bitter that I didn't see the true effects. It wasn't until I started hurting people with my words and actions that made me want to seek change. You have to be able to recognize the issues within yourself and stop being blind to your ways.

I hope you make it through this process so you can step into who God has called you to be. What's on the other side of the brokenness? Peace. Prosperity. Growth. Maturity. Financial Freedom. Everything you can imagine! But putting in the work is a REQUIREMENT. Ask God to show you the areas in your heart where you need change. Then ALLOW him to do the work within you. Trust me, it's an amazing feeling sis!