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"It's crazy how I found this podcast. I belong to a group chat and one of the guys in the chat recommended we listen to his podcast. I went to his instagram and found her page and watched one of her videos and immediately subscribed to her podcast! I'm happy God led me here."

Tierra Alece

"I ran across your podcast recently and I couldn't stop listening to it. Your podcast is so good and much needed for this generation. You are a kingdom builder. God is really going to use you to speak his word for this generation. Get ready sis your season of waiting is coming to an end. Stay blessed."

Brooke Jeffrey

"I love this podcast! It's for everyone from all walks of life. There is always something said that could help/encourage you! You can definitely hear Drea's growth from the first episode to her most current show! The content is great & always relevant! Do your thang girl!"

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